Students at the University of Louisville.

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Alex McGrath, executive director

"I began as one of three co-founders, specifically as Director of External Operations, and spent my first year meeting the community members of Louisville. Recently, though, after reassessing the organization, I reassessed my own role to focus solely on value production as Executive Director.

For my studies, I am pursuing BAs in Philosophy, English, and Humanities, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. My hobbies include basketball, music and reading.

In the future, I am looking to pass to younger students the transformative experience of leading a non-profit. I also plan on attaining an MBA degree after graduating, which I hope will ensure my path along that of making change."


Zack June, operations director

"My first year in The Invisible Wound Project was as an associate, working to draft the organization's legal structure and to file government forms. I later moved on to serve as the Director of Operations. This was followed by a brief stint as a co-executive director alongside Alex McGrath.

My service now falls under the domain of Value Protection. I focus on managing the organizations responsibilities to ensure that our operations run successfully, as well as allowing our innovations to be deployed as planned.

For my studies, I am pursuing a BA in History and Philosophy. I am also working towards minors in Middle East and Islamic Studies, as well as Linguistics.  In the future I plan to attain a JD, and go on to work in the human rights and environmental law fields."


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Praneeth Goli, Managing associate 

"As Co-Founder and Founding Executive Director, my first half-year comprised of managing daily operations. I simultaneously focused on assembling our initial founding team, core partnerships, management structure, and overall organizational strategy.

I then stepped down from Executive Director in May to serve as Managing Associate, with a focus on integrating the overall responsibilities of the management team. I also focus on advancing the public health initiatives on behalf of IWP through our presence in city committees.

For my studies, I am pursuing a B.S in Chemistry (Biochemistry) with a Pre-Medicine Track, and a Minor in Math & Philosophy. I also work as a student researcher at The Cardiovascular Innovation Institute. My hobbies include spending time with family and friends, tennis, and reading. In the future, I look to join Alex in passing down the transformative experience of running a nonprofit to help young students learn how to translate their passions and ideas into tangible, positive action. I plan on pursuing an MD/PhD, which I hope will help me attain a career in health based innovation and social enterprise."


zach fowler, director of mentorship

"I began my work as a co-founder, and after that, my role shifted dramatically to that of research - specifically, the scientific background needed for defending a preventative program to combat toxic stress. However, as our mission recently shifted, so too did my role. I now serve as Director of Mentorship, pairing undergraduates to serve as role models for children in the community.

Initially, I wanted to study Psychology and Biology at the University of Louisville, but a recent change of heart has left me exploring all of my options, still unsure of my major. In enjoy filling my free time with books, exercise (particularly basketball), and simply spending time with my friends.

Regardless of my major, I plan on attending medical school after my undergraduate experience at Louisville."

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behrad bakhtiari, Director of advocacy 

"I was originally not part of the Invisible Wound Project until being added under External Operations in May, 2017. After feeling my way through the next few months, my talents landed me as Director of Events & Fundraising.

I am currently on track to receiving my Masters degree in Bioengineering. Some of my hobbies include playing the piano/trombone, playing sports, hanging out with family/friends, and volunteering for HOBY.

I hope to have a life of service while being able to serve humanity. I hope to directly impact people by going to Medical School and continuing my professional career in the Healthcare Sector through becoming a doctor."



"I joined the Invisible Wound Project as Director of Public Relations in August of 2017. After working with the team I was able to see where my strengths left me best suited, and I now serve as Director of Events.

I am working toward a BA in Communication with minors in Spanish and Criminal Justice. After my undergrad, I plan to attend law school to obtain my JD. I then hope to establish a career practicing family law.

I hold a part time job as a Legal Assistant at a law firm here in Louisville. In my free time, I enjoy playing golf, reading, and spending time with my family and friends."

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Madelyn hagan, director of public relations

"I joined the Invisible Wound Project team in the fall of 2017. I had been familiar with the organization and was looking for ways to get involved. My strengths aligned best with the public side of things, so I joined as Director of Public Relations where I manage all of our media outlets and contacts.

I am currently studying English and Communications. Aside from my academics I am part of the Chi Omega sorority and spend as much of my free time with my family and friends. I love watching movies and am heavily involved in theatre.  I also work in an after-school program 5 days of the week.

Working with kids 5 out of 7 days of the week, I have a special interest in this organization. Although my position covers a different side of the nonprofit, I am proud to be a part of this mission."


chanler james, Program Developer

"In late fall of 2017, I boarded the IWP Team with both the desire to push the organization further in achieving its mission and the wish to grow from the experiences. Currently, I act as Program Developer for IWP by maximizing the potential of all efforts intended to directly alleviate toxic stress in youth populations. This role includes refining programs, developing curriculum, and more.

My studies in Philosophy and History occupy most of my time here at the University of Louisville, but my passion for entrepreneurship and the community has led me to pursue these interests through the organization. If I'm not devoting time towards either of these, you can find me with my friends and family, at the park, or involved in music.

In the future, I plan to obtain my MBA in order to improve my skills further, so that I may continue experiencing the creativity that comes with developing new and fresh ideas. Ultimately, I hope to have the opportunity to influence the youth, so they to can work hard and chase their passions."

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